Saturday, October 10, 2009

food day friday -- homemade applesauce

I just made Son and Daughter the best apple sauce. I'm pretty big about making baby food. it's pretty easy and a lot cheaper than the jars and I KNOW exactly what every ingredient is. For our family, it's the right choice.

Gala apples were on sale at Wal-mart, so I bought about 8. peeled them. sliced them. put them in a casserole dish with about an inch of water in the bottom for an hour on 350 degrees. (after 30 minutes I stirred them because the top slices will dry out if you don't). took them out to cool. put them in the new blender with a few table spoons of the baking water and puree.

seriously. these are great apples. really good with JUST the apples and a little water. but you could easily add cinnamon or nutmeg to the finished product for a more mature taste.

Son just tried a spoonful because he's just eating sweet potatoes right now. but Daughter just finished a big bowl.

I'm actually headed back to wal-mart to get more apples, sweet potatoes, pears and maybe butternut squash.


Megan said...

Cool! :)

laurensmommy said...

that's great, Christy! If you figure out how to cook the butternut squash to ROS's liking, let me know. Lauren liked it as a baby in the jar, but I've had no luck getting her to eat it when I made it myself!

christy ross said...

Sarah, I split, remove seeds and bake butternut squash at 350 for almost an hour (with water in the dish) then scoop out the meat. with ROS I sometimes add a little cinnamon or butter and pepper but with FAS it's just going to be plain.