Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Day Friday: Egg Rolls

I'm the girl that when the situation arises to eat cheap Chinese food, I want an order of hot and sour soup, 4 egg rolls and about 20 packets of duck sauce. Yes, that's me. save your lo mein, your mongolian beef, your orange chicken. no thanks. I love egg rolls [and hot and sour soup]

Our local Wal-mart surprises me fairly often {remember the goose?} Recently we found egg roll and won ton wrappers [which we now use to make the easiest ravioli EVER] I was definitely excited about the egg roll wrappers.

think of all the possibilities of things you could put in egg rolls. endless. endless.

we typically use:
cooked rice [our first batch we used rice noodles, but they are WAY more expensive and our wal-mart or local grocery store doesn't carry them. plain white rice is an excellent substitute]
raw grated carrot [washed and peeled, of course. I think I use 4 or 5 depending on the size]
a bunch of diced raw green onions [we like the green onion bite here better than any other onion]

To me folks that is the perfect egg roll. but Husband, well, he likes protein. So this time [about a week ago] we used chicken. we're actually having them tonight [Thursday] and using shrimp.

imagine though: pork, sausage, steak, cabbage, peas, broccoli snow peas, those little corn on the cob thing . you could come up with so many combinations.

this is the grated carrots, onion and lentils. this batch is a little more carrot heavy than usual because it was a last minute dinner idea and my lentils hadn't really sprouted that well.

left is the chicken [leftover from the night before, and cut up finely] and right is the rice. I usually cook 2 cups of uncooked rice which is WAY more than enough. I just like rice.

our egg roll shells. we found them in the refrigerated section of the produce department. They are so easy to use. [and I've definitely spent my fair share of time slaving over filo dough]

Next we just followed the directions on the package. We stuffed the center of the wrap. Husband did this one and it's got WAY too much chicken in it for my taste. Wet two connecting sides with water. Roll and the water acts as a glue to seal the egg roll.

cooking. you could definitely deep fry them or bake your egg rolls, but we pan fry with a little bit of vegetable oil in the pan. The cook VERY fast so keep your eye on them and if you're pan frying, turn regularly until all sides are brown.

That's it. So easy. we always make about 2 dozen. so we get our fill for dinner and lunch the next day. leftover egg rolls are fabulous.

I top mine with a little bit of duck sauce [after reading the ingredients on the label, I may try to make my own soon] and Husband uses chili sauce.
If you're more of a soy sauce person I did this the first time we made them and it's pretty good:
is equal parts sesame oil and rice wine vinegar and triple the soy. or to taste. you get the idea. little oil and vinegar more soy.

lastly, my little helper. Daughter has taken quite the interest in cooking. well, she takes an interest in ANY that I [or Husband] am doing. She loves to announce "ME TOO" and get right to the business of helping. we let her stuff her own egg roll with what little carrot she managed to grate and a couple of handfuls of rice. she reported back that it was good.
btw, see that radio sitting on the counter? I melted it last week. I'm such an ace in the kitchen! [face palm] :-)


laurensmommy said...

I am so impressed with your egg rolls! They look yummy!! Jason LOVES egg rolls, so we will see if our walmart carries those wrappers.

I'm glad you have a little helper in the kitchen...Lauren is not there yet (thank goodness...although she does "help" but trying to crawl through my legs WHILE I am cooking!) They are sporting a similar hair style these days!!

Melissa said...

Hey my parents loaned me a really nice cd player that had a tiny built-in tv screen my second year at Judson. I was living with Mandy at the time and I turned on her bendy lamp, didn't pay attention to where I moved it, and voila - melted cd player.

So...I know the face palm feeling on that one all too well (and completely forgot I did that until you reminded me)! ;o)