Friday, July 16, 2010

food day friday: baked squash chips

Everything you need:
italian seasoning (or whatever else you want to use)
cooking spray
cookie sheet
a mandolin if you have one. (or if you broke your cheap one like I did, you can use the slice side of a box grater ... remember the thinner you slice the squash the better)
preheat the oven to 200
slice your squash and place on cookie sheet
season to taste
bake about an hour (or until desired crispness is achieved -- the thicker the longer it'll take)
sorry, I got overly excited and Husband, Daughter and I ate all the chips before I remembered to take a picture.

I have never tasted squash that tasted like this before. very very nutty. really good and crisp.

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Lauren said...

Want. Every recipe - always want.