Friday, August 6, 2010

Food Day Friday: refriger squash pickles

A friend shared this recipe with me as a new option for using up garden squash. Daughter and I both love it. She eats all the zucchini and I eat everything else.

2 cups sugar
1 cup cider vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar)
4 yellow squash sliced thinly
4 zucchini sliced thinly
1 onions sliced thinly
1 green or red bell pepper sliced thinly (as you can tell from the picture, I used red)
1 tablespoon pickling salt -- NOT table salt!
1 teaspoon dill seeds (add more if you like the dill taste) (I couldn't find dill seed so I left it out)

optional Add red pepper flakes to taste if you like a little heat with your sweet!


1. Wash jars and sterilize - an easy way is to add a few inches of water to each jar and heat in the microwave until the water boils. Jars will be HOT!

2. Heat sugar and vinegar in a nonreactive (stainless steel or glass works best) until sugar dissolves. Set it aside and let it cool.

3. Place chopped veggies, salt, and dill into a LARGE mixing bowl. Pour vinegar/sugar mixture over it and stir well.

4. Spoon veggies out of the mixing bowl and pack tightly into the jars. Carefully pour the leftover brine into each jar and fasten the lid tightly.

Keep in the fridge. They're ready to eat in a day or two and stay sweet and crispy for months.

Thanks again for the recipe, Larisa. We're really enjoying them.

NOTE: do not try these right after you make them -- the sugar will knock your socks off. Give them at least a day (3 or 4 would be even better)


laurensmommy said...

oh, these sound yummy! Do you have to process the jars when you get finished?

christy ross said...

no, bc you refrigerate them immediately.

You could process them, but I don't know how long the veggies would stay crunchy.

The two jars I made only lasted about 2 weeks. We really like them.