Friday, September 17, 2010

food day friday: nutella ice cream

sorry for the unintentional tease on wordless wednesday. I'd already shared the recipe on twitter and I often forget friends sometimes read one or the other. (the best stalkers read both)

this recipe is what my friend, Susan, and I like to call an equal parts recipe. Just like our favorite rotel recipe ... "equal parts" is/are important.

for every 1 jar of nutella, mix in 1 can of unsweetened evaporated milk. heat on stove top to blend completely. Then freeze in your ice cream maker.

easy peasy and so rich you'll only be able to eat a few bites ... seriously.

When Husband and Daughter made our batch a couple of weeks ago they used 3 jars and 3 cans. It was the longest any homemade ice cream has ever lasted at our house because it was so sweet we didn't eat much at one time!

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