Friday, November 26, 2010

Food Day Friday: Thanksgiving dessert

We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. Husband and I spent the morning cooking, the afternoon eating and the evening visiting.

We (I say "we" loosely because I had very little to do with the desserts) made two desserts. A Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake (thank you, December issue of Southern Living) and a pecan pie (from pecans from our tree!)

This is the cheesecake
Husband made the crust (chocolate graham - the one deviation from the recipe) and the filling.
I made the ganache and the snow flake (both were really easy and fun)
I definitely didn't follow the stencil exactly. I was rushing and not being patient enough to trace it exactly. Next time, I'll be more confident and take my time so it doesn't look so rushed.
btw, it is rich and so amazingly delicious.

The pecan pie.
Husband makes the best pecan pie I've ever had. ever.
It's the crust. But I have no idea how he makes it besides butter and flour.

Shelling our pecans.
This really was a fantastic year for our pecan tree. In the four years that I've lived here we've never been able to collect more than a couple of pocketfuls of pecans each season. This year we shelled over EIGHT CUPS. That's a lot of pecan pies and four really sore hands! I was joking that all of our squirrels must have moved away and that was the reason we'd been able to collect so many.

This was after our first hour of shelling. Husband is saving the shells for some grilling purpose.

This our pecans after the first hour. Not even a little dent in the huge Aldi bag of pecans we collected. We had a long way to go.

It was definitely neat to have a dessert made from food we've grown (not that we grow or tend to the pecan tree, but it is in our yard! Mainly we're just glad it shades our house and hope it never falls on our house during a bad storm!)


Megan said...

The cheesecake looking beautiful, and yay for homegrown/made pecan pie!

Megan said...

looking=looks (clearly too much dissertation writing for me today!)

Tiffany Lopez said...


Nicki said...

Wow, those look so yummy! :)

We spent Thanksgiving with my hubby's family and HAD A BLAST. Miss y'all though. :)

Hugs to all of y'all!!!