Friday, December 3, 2010

food day friday: trail mix

A few weeks ago, we stopped by Palisades Park for a little hiking (as much hiking as you can do with two toddlers anyway)

We all had so much fun, the kids didn't want to leave. SO as part of my "let's leave as happily as possibly" (ie no screaming crying toddler tantrums because these two kids have the meanest parents in the world) I started talking about our trip back for more hiking. I told them we'd bring healthy snacks. Daughter mentioned water. I brought up trail mix. And started talking about all the healthy things that are in trail mix, and the yummy treats we could add to it.

Of course, this meant Daughter talked nonstop about trail mix until we made it!

the stuff
I used pretzels (Daughter's favorite)
goldfish (Son's favorite)
walmart brand cheerios
dried blueberries
banana chips
dried apples
chocolate chips
(I would have added more unsalted nuts, but at the time the only nut that we KNEW for sure wouldn't kill Son was peanuts (which aren't nuts at all))

All mixed up.
it's been a big hit. I made 5 quart sized zip top bags worth and we're slowly working our way through it all. I'll admit, we have some pickers and the chocolate chips are usually the first to get eaten.


Megan said...

Yummy! I imagine this is cheaper than buying trail mix, but I'm curious if you happened to actually "do the math?" If not, don't hate me for asking! lol

Christy Ross said...

I thought of that AFTER I filled the bags. If I put a "serving size" of each in each bag, I could have but alas. And I had so much cheerios, goldfish, pretzels and peanuts left I couldn't figure out how to do it.

my love of statistics was crushed by my lack of planning.

NEXT time.

Megan said...! ;-)