Friday, June 10, 2011

Food Day Friday: Tzatziki again

Son loves (LOVES) tzatziki. (visit the link for my recipe. It's seriously the best you'll ever have or at least Husband thinks so)

We don't really eat out a lot. Not because we don't love to eat out, but because the budget just doesn't allow for it. But when we do, one of our favorite places to go (both alone and with the kids) is Nabeel's Cafe.

Son is a tzatziki lover

and a lemonade lover
I promise, if you ever share a meal with us and there is tzitziki, Son will have his own. At least until he learns not to double dip!


laurensmommy said...

Oh, I will be using your recipe soon! We love this as well! There is a restaurant in Pensacola that has the yummiest gyros and tzatziki sauce and we have to go every time we visit my parents! Yum!!

TL said...

this just reminded me that i need to find something gluten-free to dip in the tzatziki. boo. hiss. blah.

reading this post made my mouth waaaater.

Christy Ross said...

Tif: you could go the healthy approach and do carrots or broccoli.

TL said...

is it super sad or only medium sad that veggies never occurred to me?

this is day 3 of being gluten free and i am 1) starved for carbs 2) feeling better than i have felt in years. it's really crazy.

Christy Ross said...

medium sad.

p.s. I bought red bell peppers for the garden a couple of nights ago. so maybe before the summer is over I can roast my own peppers!)