Friday, January 13, 2012

Food Day Friday: Buffalo Chicken Wraps (BAKED)

It's been almost 2 years since my Egg Roll post. and wouldn't you know, this is pretty much like egg rolls ... except, well ... it's close.

This is a pinterest recipe I found and the original blog post it came from woman's blog who started eating healthier and exercising and lost a lot of weight.  (everything I want to do, but I seem to be doing it much slower than she did!) Visit her blog for lots more healthy recipes.   

She actually had these listed under the appetizer section, but we eat about 4 or 5 of them and call it dinner. 

what you need:
we use 4 chicken breasts (cooked and shredded) a bag of cole slaw,  Blue or Gorgonzola cheese (we actually mixed both kinds with this batch), buffalo sauce (we use Texas Pete Regular (and mild) and of course the egg roll wrappers.  (Also, to make it more kid friendly, I reserved one chicken breast for the kids and used ranch dressing for it instead of buffalo sauce)
What you do:
preheat the oven to 400 (that's right, BAKED not fried)
Coat the shredded chicken with buffalo sauce (or ranch)
Fill the wrappers to taste.   Husband prefers chicken heavy, I prefer slaw heavy.  But he's the better wrapper so we eat chicken heavy ones.
spray the pan so your wraps won't stick (I also like to spray the tops before I put them in for a crispier browner wrapper)
cook for 16 minutes at 400.
What you get:
We cook ours in two batches and this is batch number 1.
I think 21 wrappers come in a pack and depending on your chicken/cheese/slaw ratio, you can make 21 wraps out of this.  

We cooked these Tuesday night (after Husband for back from NOLA for the BCS National Championship game) and the kids both ate one each, I had 6, Husband had 7 or 8 and then there were 3 leftover for Husband to take the lunch.  They're a big hit with us.  We make them almost every week.  And since they really do crisp up well in the oven, we've decided to start making our eggrolls like this too, instead of frying them.

Also, my spice love husband dips his in Regular Texas Pete.  I dip mine in a mixture of ranch dressing and the mild Texas Pete


Lee said...

this sounds good. I am trying to lose weight and better too. I think a trip to the grocery store and we can have these tomorrow night.

TL said...

AMAZING! i assume the wraps are NOT gluten free. please tell me i'm wrong...

Rita Bird said...

As soon as I saw this, I skipped on over to the other blog. Love it, and very inspirational.

I also immediately purchased everything to make these (exept the Gorgonzola). I'm hoping to make these This week for dinner. Thanks!

Christy Ross said...

T: yea, no where on the package does it say GF ... but surely you could find some sort of suitable GF wrap.

Rita: Let me know if you do anything differently than I do. I love having different ways to tweak our favorite meals.

Rita Bird said...

Lo and behold, I made these last night.

A few notes:
If you forgot to buy Gorgonzola cheese, and decide to use mozzarella instead of taking the ten minutes to purchase said cheese, it is going to suck.

If you follow original recipe, using Franks red hot sauce, your palate will be so scorched you might as well stop eating and pray instead.

Doesn't matter how many calories you are trying to shave off, do not use light ranch dressing. Your mouth will not recover from the tang of dressing to sauce ratio.

I am definitely going to experiment more, I calculated the rolls I made to be around 125 calories each. I had three and was satisfied. ( maybe I could have eaten more if they were not so hot)