Friday, May 25, 2012

the 10 minute cardigan from pinterest

In January, I decided that I would actually make/do/cook two things a month that I have pinned on my Pinterest boards.  I've been really good at doing it.  But not so good at reporting it on the blog.

Here is my badly photographed attempt at turning one of Husband's old sweaters into one of my new cardigans. The 10 minute cardigan.

I told Husband to do his best mean face.  It took about 4 tries because we both kept laughing.  I like this sweater and I'm not sure why he doesn't like it or stopped wearing it.  But it wound up in my "clothes I can do whatever I want with bc Husband doesn't want them anymore" pile.
I tried to duplicate the mean face.  I probably shouldn't waited until Husband was home to take the picture.  Daughter kept putting her fingers over the flash.

What I used:
an old sweater (v neck)
vanishing marking pen
Heat'nBond Ultra Hold Iron on Adhesive (5/8in -- the kind for hems)
Iron and ironing board

What I did:
first I marked the middle of the sweater front and carefully cut all the way down the middle.
Put the Heat'nBond on the inside of one side of the new sweater opening, following the directions on the box. Iron the Heat'nBond down.
Once cooled, pull the paper strip off and fold over to create the hem.
Do the same to the other side

Kelsey at finished the hem by securing it with a sewing machine stitch.  I haven't done that yet because I can't find tread that's a close enough match to the sweater.

It was another fun an easy pineterest job well done.  And one more thing I pinned that I actually completed.


Marie said...

This is one of those things that I have pinned and really want to do as well! Did it really only take 10 minutes? Way to go, btw! I think that's a good goal...I think I need a similar one. I do pretty well at cooking the things I pin...just a little bit slower on the crafting/slowing projects:)

Christy Ross said...

It was pretty close to 10 minutes. Maybe just a little longer because I read the Heat'nBond instructions about 3 times!