Monday, November 8, 2010

Son's new shirt

This kid captures my heart

He is the cutest, sweetest boy that I know on the face of the earth. I love Husband with everything I am but he is no where near as sweet as this boy. He's pretty sweet himself, but Husband says time has jaded him ;-)

He amazes me everyday with his intelligence, his sense of humor, his sweetness and his overall charisma. He does this fabulous heart warming thing where he cuts his eyes at me, smiles and then puts his heart on his shoulder.


A couple of weeks ago I found this iron on tie at Hobby Lobby for like $1.37 I put it on a long sleeved garanimals (LOVE garanimals) shirt [$3.50] and DONE.

He wore it for the first time on Thursday for his 18 month well checkup with jeans and a navy pinstripe blazer. He was a champ. And was rewarded with a sucker.
p.s. I wish I had and knew how to use a sewing machine. I feel like I could accomplish great things with it.

p.s. I thought the same thing about 4 inch red high heels just 6 short years ago. My how my perspective has changed.


chandlerguera said...

That is one cute kid! Found your blog through postcrossing...

christy ross said...

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Postcrossing! come back anytime!

Jennifer said...

I'll teach you how to use a machine. It's easy. Now just watch the sales and get one. Walmart will have them the day after Thanksgiving...

Tiffany Lopez said... cutest shirt EVER! what a great kid!

Melissa said...

love the shirt. nicely done. it "suits" him. :o)