Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HALLOWEEN - dress up fun, Sunday

OK, Son's costume: We already had the socks and shoes and black acrylic paint that I used to make the zigzag on his shirt. I just needed a yellow shirt and black shorts. Thank you, Garanimals. I found both for $3.50 each. Actually, his shorts were sweatpants that I cut off because I couldn't find solid shorts this time of year.

The zigzag was a lot easier than I thought. I used a ruler and a washable marker to make the zigzags and then painted them in. After the paint dried, I washed the shirt. presto. total cost for Son's Charlie Brown costume: under $8.

This was the closest I could get the kids to stand for a picture.

We went to a Trunk-or-Treat at church.

First thing the kids wanted to do was grab helium balloons attached to a bale of hay. sheesh.

Charlie Brown wasn't so sure about all the attention.
But notice the peppermint in his hand. He loves them and wanted to open it as soon as it was given to him.

Daughter in a bouncy house.
After the bouncy house, I was putting her shoes back on and realized she was NOT wearing panties. WHAT!?! yes. commando. WHAT. I thought I remembered her wearing panties when I got her dressed!! I was mortified that someone might have seen her. I told Husband that we had her "just in case" change of clothes in the car and there was definitely extra panties in there (this isn't the first time I've been glad I always keep extra clothes in the car!) So he marches her back to the car and when the get there, he finds her panties beside her carseat. She admits she took her panties off in the car because she wanted to. seriously.

Son watching.
and still holding his peppermint

his turn in a bouncy house (back in my day they were called Moon Walks)
by now his peppermint has been replaced by a candy bracelet.

Daughter going down the slide. I agreed with Husband when he said, "Aren't you glad we realized she wasn't wearing panties BEFORE this slide?"

Son and a grownup Charlie Brown. His wife was Snoopy and his daughter was Lucy.

Daughter with her new friend, Little Tony. He stuck to her like glue for almost half an hour.

the hayride.
the hay eater.

Sally Brown requested a quick trip to the park on the way home.

And then fell asleep in the car.

When we got home, they each got to pick one treat.

suckers all around.
Son was fever free when he went to bed Saturday night and woke up Sunday, like a new man, er little boy. I'm glad he wasn't sick and got to join in on the fun!


laurensmommy said...

Oh my word, I just laughed and laughed at your daughter, the stripper! :) That sounds like something Lauren would do, if she was potty trained and wore panties, that is!

And I love the pic of Finn with the grown up Charlie Brown! Fun costumes on your part, Christy!!

bpeterson said...

For SURE a good thing that you noticed the missing panties before the slide!

Tina said...

Love love love the case of the missing underwear! And it's most definitely a good thing it was noticed before the slide.

Amy said...

OMG that last pic of daughter looks alot like you and I when we were younger, crazy, all she needed was the BIG bangs!!!

The Freeman Family said...

As a mom of a little nudist-I love the missing panties. So glad they were found before the slide. Love the costumes.

Erin Caden Rogers said...

umm, hilarious. simply hilarious. i like that girl;)