Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The orange scarves

A couple of weeks ago Daughter picked out two balls of yarn so I could make her and Son "matching" scarves. (By matching I mean the same color, but not the same pattern)

This is what she picked.
(I have this yarn in light blue and dark blue but haven't used it yet. I liked working with theirs and it gave me a better idea of what to do with the blues)

for DAYS after I bought this yarn, I heard, "I love orange, Mommy," OVER and OVER again.
excited much? I loved it.
I bought two balls.

Daughter's scarf
I did the basket weave ends and single crochet middle. That pattern takes a LOT of yarn so she went over on her one ball allotment by about half a ball.
I love that scrunch face!

a darker closeup so you can see the work a little better.

After toiling on Daughter's scarf for about 12 hours, it was great to sit down and knock out Son's double treble stitch in about 3 hours. (yes, that's how many hours the basket weave takes. It's definitely the most labor intensive (and uses the most yarn) of any pattern I do right now.
I love how he's in the pose and say "cheeeeeeeeeese" stage right now.

close up of the double treble. (or double triple, I've seen it called both)

Daughter loves talking about how scarves keep her neck warm outside now that it's cold. and she loves orange and it's beautiful and lots of other sweet stuff.

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Ashley Goldsmith said...

So beautiful! (the pics and the scarves! :)