Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 nativity scene 1

As soon as walmart starting putting their Christmas stuff out (around Halloween) I was there. walking around, wishing, planning, etc. I found this:

and bought it.

baby Jesus.
My criteria for adding to my collection myself is pretty simple:
  1. it must be cheap (less than $15)
  2. it must not look like a set I already have.
Since Jennifer mentioned that her family has a ceramic bisque set that they painted, I've been on the look out for a set for us. Especially since Daughter is loving that new craft genre. In 30 years I would love to have a set that we worked on together. I'd even let the fellas help so it could be a family project. ;-) I haven't found an entire set on ebay yet. I definitely have not found any at the big box craft stores. I have found some reasonably priced ones on a website, but I'm waiting until I can search more before I commit to one.


Tiffany Lopez said...


Christy Ross said...

um, that's the exact website I found. Thanks, google.

great minds ...

Tiffany Lopez said...

Boo! They don't have what you want?

Christy Ross said...

there's a few I like, but I'm afraid if I buy one I don't LOVE then I'll find one later and regret it. My favorite one is the $55 one, but that's WAAAAY out of the budget. I also like the 3 piece children's set, but I already have 5 or 6 children sets.