Monday, November 15, 2010

the sewing machine update

A few friends recommended that the best time to buy an inexpensive sewing machine is right after Thanksgiving at walmart. Ok, great.

The kids and I visited my parents Saturday and I told my mom the plan - black Friday sewing machine. She quickly offered up hers that hasn't seen serious work since 2004 when I had her sew together a quilt I made for Tina. She fixes hems here and there but nothing substantial.

I don't know what brand it is but it's fairly new (as in less than 10 years old). So that's exciting.

I'm picking it up Friday night when she's babysitting so Husband can go on our FIRST EVER movie/dinner date. That's right. Husband and I have NEVER been to a movie and out to eat together. weird. but not really.

Anyway, Thursday night Husband is taking Daughter to her first ever Alabama football game. Son and I are dropping her off in BHM with Husband so I asked Mom to go with me to jo-ann's to look at EASY patterns and fabric. I feel like I need something idiot proof to gain a little confidence about the whole sewing thing.

My first planned project is a $5 dress I got on It's great except it fits weirdly like a maternity dress. And while Husband wishes and hopes and dreams about it, I am not growing a third child. I'm going to {try to} take it up a little.

Brooke and I have been plotting all the fun things I could make with a sewing machine. It's fun to talk about but I have no idea how much I'll actually do. In that regard, it's nice to be able to borrow Mom's instead of having to buy my own right out of the gate.

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