Sunday, November 7, 2010

christmas blanket update

If I stay on schedule, [which I should because I have no plans to leave the house and no new books to read] I should completely finish Son and Daughter's blankets by Thursday. Thursday will be spent sewing in the loose ends of switching colors and ending skeins.

I'm pretty excited. Because I love finishing things. AND because I've got lots of sale/clearance yarn I've been picking up here and there that I have to start new scarves with. I have no idea what kind of scarf I'm making with which yarn. I've got a couple of patterns I haven't tried yet that I think will be really neat. And I'm also looking for something new to try. So, who knows? Not me yet.

This is Daughter's right now.
The top, where the yarn and hook are, is the end I'm working on. As you can see, I've only got about 14 rows left. Son's (not pictured) probably has about 18 left.
To give you a little spacial perspective, the blanket it on a queen sized bed.

soon. soon. soon.
I'm excited.

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The Freeman Family said...

I am excited for you. Sadly, all of my crochet needles have disappeared. When questioned, Aiden said maybe a coon got it. Maybe this weekend I will finally make it to the craft store.

PS. Son looks like your brother in a garanamials shirt and pretty awesome tie for a kiddo!