Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who is ready to play their guts out?

That is what I asked the kids before we went outside. Daughter assured me that she and Son were ready to play their guts out.

a little gardening to start off the afternoon

Son trying to play basketball with a beach ball.
(I got 2 beach balls at Dollar General for .25 in August. Money well spent)


I wish you could tell that he's actually laughing and not crying.
"BE BA STU [giggle giggle giggle]"
Any parent of a young toddler can tell you that translates, "The beach ball is stuck. That is silly."

Daughter blowing dandelions on me. As if we didn't already have enough of those growing in the yard!

The cat had to rest so his guts wouldn't fall out.

playing the running game.

playing the climbing game.

Son is playing the "I think my guts might come out game"

And Daughter joined him.
and yes, they are both wearing pajamas. It cuts down on laundry to let your kids play outside in the clothes they slept in.

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Anonymous said...

glad i dont hate your brother, because my son sure looks like him