Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HALLOWEEN - dress up fun, Saturday

About a month ago, Husband introduced Daughter to the world of Charlie Brown.

Back when I was young and dumb and I thought a good use for my money was to buy every dvd for every movie/television show I ever liked, I bought a Charlie Brown collection. It includes Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes. But unlike most of those other dvds, I'm glad I got these. They've really helped us talk to Daughter about holidays in ways she can understand.

So now Daughter LOVES Charlie Brown. She asks to watch almost daily. Husband gladly obliges. With all this Charlie Brown time, I started thinking how easy it would be to dress the kids as Sally and Charlie Brown. I could do that. Sweet siblings dressed as sweet siblings. (plus this might be the last year I was any sway in Daughter's costume)

Son was still running a low grade fever Saturday night so he didn't participate. He gladly stayed in bed and cuddled a pillow. This is all about Daughter, aka SALLY BROWN.

I waited until Thursday night to do ANYTHING about costumes and wasn't actually able to buy anything until Friday afternoon (luckily, I got everything at the first store!)

In the girls section of the HYT Walmart, I found the dress. Sure it was $12 and it had these striped sleeves attached to make it look his there was a shirt under the dress (I cut those off) -- and there was a matching scarf attached. OH and it was a size 6X. Daughter wears a 3T. So basically this dress was 4 sizes too big. But I tried it on her and it didn't look horrible. It would work.

Next I needed a giant blue bow. Tena H assured me that bow making was easy. And since she made me a bow to match every single church dress and outfit I had as a kid, I believed her. So I went to the craft department to look for matching ribbon and a clip. (total under $3) We already had shoes and socks that would work so that put Daughter's costume at right around $15. Not bad. especially since she keeps asking to wear the dress to bed every night. We'll get our money's worth.

The bow took about 30 minutes to figure out. I wanted to make a tall one that would sit on the top of her head (like Sally's) and while it's not amazing, I think I did a suitable job. She thought it was great, so that was enough for me.

It was hard to get her to stand still. She kept saying "I am Sally. Charlie Brown's sis-der," and dancing around in excitement.
She's also wearing tights we already had and will put on a pink sweater before she leaves because it was chilly out.

showing off the back of her Halloween basket
I made it while I was still pregnant with her. It matches one that Tena H made for us when we were kids.

the front of the basket. This is the first time Daughter had seen her basket since last year and she was a little scared of the witch. I had to convince her it was a silly witch before she'd even touch the basket!

This is a good time to mention that I'd been trying to get her to practice saying "Trick-or-Treat." When I'd ask her, she'd only reply, "maybe later." I didn't have a lot of hope she'd say it.

I stayed at home with sleeping Charlie Brown and Husband took Daughter downtown (she was excited to walk because she usually rides in the stroller when we go downtown to the library).

The view of the downtown crowd.

Daughter came home with 3 stories that I could fully understand.
1. She saw an old lady
2. She saw a little boy dressed at Woody
3. She popped a smoke bubble.
(her words, not mine)

checking it out.

one of the downtown florists (there are 3, I think) already had Christmas decorations up.

Husband said she had a fantastic time.

When they got back home, Daughter rang the doorbell. I answered with my bucket of candy and I was pleased as punch to hear, "trigger treat!" from Daughter.

Her haul. It may not look like much but she was so proud. She talked about it for the rest of the night.

She picked a sucker first.

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Nicki said...

Making costumes is the most fun. When mine was little, the first Halloween out she begged me to help her "be a blue kitty!". Most of our supplies also came from Walmart. :)

I bought her a white sweatshirt and matching sweatpants, some blue acrylic paint, a white headband, and some white "scrap" fabric. Using makeup I already had, I used some white powder on her face and drew blue whiskers and a blue dot on her nose.

I painted blue stripes on her sweats; handmade a matching tail and striped it as well; and fabricated some ears atop the headband. She was so cute! :)

She loved that costume and it's one of my favorite Halloween memories. :)

(Sadly she considers herself "too old to trick-or-treat now" *pout*)