Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aprons for all (almost)

I've been wanting an apron for months. You see, I'm the gal who always spills, splashings or drips things on her while cooking. (and yes, sometimes it's my own blood. yuck, but true)

I've been scanning TJMaxx every chance I get but I just never found one I was terribly excited about. Then a couple of months ago I found a couple I liked at World Market. On sale. yes, please. You can't really tell in the picture but it had two nice sized pockets on the front. I narrowed it down to this one:
I really like it and I'm so glad I got it!
Don't you love the klassy way I displayed it on the pantry cabinet hooks? The only alternative I could think of way put it on and do the stand in front of the mirror shot ... And well, there is not one floor length mirror in my entire house. true story.

So, now I'm wearing my apron every time I cook. And the kids have been noticing. Daughter asked if she could have one too and I told her we'd be on the look out. World Market has kid ones on their website. But they're way too expensive. That was as a no-go. Then Lauren's Mommy posted about finding cute inexpensive aprons at Hobby Lobby. score.

One for Son and one for Daughter. $2.99 each. They only had white, pink, blue and denim so I wasn't too surprised when she grabbed the pink and he reached for the blue.

I planned to spruce them up with their hand prints in white paint. I figured the white would look a little like flour and be cutesy on their aprons.

operation paint the aprons:

Daughter did fantastic and was so exited. After I took this picture I wrote her initials and the date along one of the edges with a fine tipped Sharpie.

Son was a different story. I couldn't explain to him properly what I needed him to do, even though he watched his sister do it three minutes earlier. He refused to unclench his fist after I brushed the paint on his palm. So Son's apron is still plain. I'll try again when he gets older.

Hobby Lobby also had adult aprons for pretty cheap and Daughter tried to pressure Husband into getting one too. But he held fast to "no, I wouldn't wear it."


Megan said...

Cute idea!

Tiffany Lopez said...

the greatest compliment one could ever get from me, you're getting now. you are such a cute and terrific mom that you almost make me want to be one. almost.