Friday, November 5, 2010

Food Day Friday: Penzey's

When I was in middle school (high school), I loved.LOVED.loved Bath & Body Works. I begged to go there. I begged for Bath & Body Works body wash, lotion, body spray, bubble bath, whatever. I remember in high school I had a B&BW air freshener for my car that plugged into the lighter. true story. My mom still has hers, I think.

OK, image B&BW except with spices and extracts and seasonings. WOW. That's Penzey's. (check the website for a store near you. The only one in Alabama is in downtown Homewood)

It. is. amazing.

My favorite thing about the store is they have lidded candy jars with each spice in it so you can smell the spice before you buy it!

My second favorite thing about the store is the coloring station they have set up for kids.

My third favorite thing about the store is the helpful staff. Every time I go in there, they are always so pleasant and helpful.

My fourth favorite thing about Penzey's is that you can buy off the website if there's not a store near you!

ok, favorites list over.

Yesterday I got:
sandwich sprinkle: I love it best on spiral pasta with olive oil and parmesan cheese. We also use it to make oil based salad dressings sometimes. I think Husband also uses it to season ground turkey when we have turkey burgers.
dill weed: for the tzatziki
bold taco seasoning: for taco meat (beef) they also sell chicken taco seasoning
dried shallots: my current secret ingredient for about every 3rd thing I cook (seriously my favorite thing they sell. hence the large jar)
chip & dip seasoning: mix w/ sour cream. this is the one thing I haven't tried yet. but I love me some chips and dips so I bought a small jar.

the bold taco seasoning and sandwich sprinkle I bought in bags bc I already have jars to put them in. I think that's nice. especially for recyclers.

I don't think the prices are noticeably higher than grocery store spices ... if you buy the higher quality ones. But, if you're buying the .50 Italian Seasoning from Walmart (like I still do) you'll notice a difference in price (AND QUALITY).


laurensmommy said...

ok...I was obviously reading this too early in the morning, because I was still thinking this place was like BB&W, meaning they sold those type of products. So when I got to you explaining about the products you like, I was so confused. Then I saw the word I missed: SPICES! :)

Thanks for sharing about this place, sounds awesome! (and I will check out their website!!)

The Freeman Family said...

Yes I remember you love of Happy Daisy! And those car air freshners that if you didn't watch it they would burn your car down.