Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Husband's scarf 2010

Husband doesn't ask for much. Maybe for me to cook a certain favorite meal of his every few weeks, but on the main, he's pretty negative maintenance. Which is nice, but it means that I have to try extra hard to be thoughtful because he never makes statements like, "I'd like so-and-so" or "I wish I had this-and-that" or "such-and-such is pretty cool." It also means that when he does ask for something, I almost always oblige.

His latest request was a few weeks ago at Hobby Lobby. He picked out this yarn and asked me to make him a scarf: my first thought? "really? it's kind of ugly."
This yarn is VERY similar to the yarn I use to make dish clothes. it's 100% cotton and easy to work with but not something I make scarves with a lot. In fact, I've only made a scarf for me, a scarf for a friend's daughter and a baby blanket out of it. (peaches 'n cream is what I used for those, this is a little different)

But, it was on sale and he doesn't ask for much. I'll admit I picked out a few yarns I'd rather work with but he stuck to his original idea. ok, ok. fine. I'll make you a dish cloth/baby blanket scarf) I *do* like mine after all. and it just gets softer and softer with age. My main hangup was the color.

The problem I had was I didn't know how many balls I needed. There was a pattern for a dishcloth included that used 2 balls. hmm. So in the spirit of wanting too much instead of not enough, we got 8 balls. excessive? yes.

this is Husband with the finished scarf and the 4.5 balls I had leftover!
He really likes it and I think the color goes well with his ginger beard. I'll admit, I like the finished product much more than the balls of yarn!

I did a very standard double crochet, but instead of working it length wise like I do for every other scarf I've ever made, I worked it width wise. (I got the idea from the recent baby blanket and the kids' Christmas blankets) I really like the unique look it gives the scarf. It definitely makes it look harder than it was.


Tiffany Lopez said...

LOVE IT! Wish we could work out a yarn trade...

Christy Ross said...

you interested in this yarn? we could make a deal. I have no idea what to do with the rest of it.

Tiffany Lopez said...

Yes! I want to make washclothes, but I don't think I have a scrap of cotton in my stash. What might you be interested in?

Christy Ross said...

I'll email you soon.