Friday, August 12, 2011

Food Day Friday: Roasted Chickpeas

I've enjoyed Roasted Chickpeas since Megan shared her recipe for them over a year and a half ago!   And I follow it, except for one little change: when I add my seasoning.  I found that adding the seasoning AFTER the chickpeas have roasted help retain the flavor of the seasoning and prevents the seasoning from burning.

my copy, straight out of my recipe book (ie a 3 ring binder with page protectors for the recipes)
When I'm only using one can of chickpeas, the time on this is right on.  But when I use a 1lb bag of dry beans, I have to add more time.  I usually do 27 minutes at 350 and 17 minutes at 400.  And because the kids and I are all big fans of this snack, I usually end up either using more than one can or a whole bag of dried beans (which is a more time consuming process but SO SO SO much cheaper).  

the result. a nice golden brown.
Depending on how heavy handed I drizzled on the olive oil, I usually have to drain the chickpeas in a colander before I season them.

My favorite way to season them is salt, cumin and chili powder (sometimes garlic powder).  I just use all the seasonings I would use to make hummus.  It's fabulous and healthy.


Melissa said...

So...are these crunchy? What is the texture? They sound good - I might try to make some.

Christy Ross said...

if you cook them for the exact time (or maybe a couple of minutes less) they are still pretty tender on the inside. the longer you cook them they more harder and nut-like they become.

I like them both ways. The kids like the nut-like crunch the best, so that's usually the way I do it.

Megan said...

Great idea about the timing on the seasoning. I've (unfortunately) not made these in months, so I'll have to try that next time!

How do you prep. your dried beans before doing the roasting? I've cooked dried black beans in my crock pot, and that worked fairly well. However, I haven't yet given my bag of garbanzo beans a go.

Christy Ross said...

MPW: there's directions on the bag for either an overnight soak or a "quick" heated soak. Then rinse and drain and cook.

I haven't done black beans in awhile, but I think it's the same process.

If you do the "quick" soak it's about a 3 hour process from starting to boil the water until they are cooked and rinsed.

Jennifer said...

I have a bag I was going to cook for Jacob in the crock pot. Maybe I'll give it a try and let you know the results of the crock pot cooking!

Christy Ross said...

ooh. I'm interested in crock pot cooking of chickpeas. keep us posted on it!

A. Smith said...

Thinking I will try these out to take to the beach later next week. They sound wonderful!