Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another quick trip to Mobile

Last Thursday found us in Mobile again. Our McWane membership was put to good use and we visited the Exploreum again. Or as Daughter calls it, "the other McWane." Then a late afternoon trip to the beach. And a drive over to Florida for some actual seafood for dinner before driving home.

ringing the bell. She also spent a lot of time at the Light House alerting everyone to the "loud storms" that were coming

Son spent a lot of time "swimming"
Then we headed to the beach. oh my. It was fantastic.

Son built a sandcastle.

Daughter tried to fill up "The Hole" with ocean
And Husband and I tried and tried to get the kids to play in the water with us. We picked them up and carried them out about thigh deep for us, and they were just having none of it. So we backed off and let them do their own thing. Before we knew it, the boy who thought the beach was trying to kill LOVED the beach.

sigh. I loved it and took a ridiculous amount of pictures in order to document the love properly.

WHAT? yes. He did this on his own!

He loved the yellow flag waves. I cannot even describe his happiness and excitement

He took a tumble or two in the surf but got right back in for more.


He also did a fair amount of running and by that I mean he would just take off down the beach as fast as he could and Husband and I would take turns following him. When he got tired of heading one way, he'd turn around and go the other. We ALL got a workout and it was fun.

Daughter definitely enjoyed the water and sand as well, but that's not anything new. Doesn't this make you wince? It does me. I'm just not built to do that anymore!

No one really wanted to leave, but Husband and I were very hungry. So we started talking about "The Restaurant" which always works in getting the kids motivated to leave a place. They love eating out. Initially, Husband and I wanted to find this place close to the Florida line, on the water but not on the main drag, but we couldn't remember the name or how to get there. All we remembered was it was the last place we ate at the beach before Daughter was born and they have great royal reds. It was 8:00 and the kids were in no mood for all the riding around. So we settled on the Shrimp Basket in Florida. It's across the street from the ocean and bonus: we ate outside.

EXTRA BONUS: "Market Price" for crab claws at the beach is much cheaper than "Market Price" for crab claws in Birmingham. sigh. and they were fabulous. And there was shrimp in the cole slaw. AND the hush puppies were amazing. AND the shrimp was splendid. It was fabulous and then we headed home.

Trip well enjoyed.


Rita Bird said...

Glad you had a great trip! It's always nice when the children enjoy themselves so mom and dad can too.

Are you talking about The Oyster Bar? I think it's right before the bridge going into Florida? If so, Nathan and I never miss a chance to eat there....

Christy Ross said...

Rita, it's driving me crazy that I can't remember the name of that place. I even pulled out the photo album that has that trip in it in the hopes that I took a picture of the sign.

Here are the clues: We ate outside on a covered porch and it is on the Marina right at the AL/FL line. lots of boats docked on lots of piers and a sign that says "Welcome to FL Please keep out waters clean. use clean marinas."

I remembered turning right by the Publix and going backroads to get there but JPS remembers no such thing!

the mystery continues.

Christy Ross said...

RITA! We just looked up the Oyster Bar website and looked at the pictures and THAT'S IT!

You win the commenter of the day award!

Husband said...

So thrilled that Finn enjoyed the beach as much as he did.

Rita, thanks for sharing that. I went to the website and that is in fact the place.

Andrea said...

We too love the "Wharf of Wonder" at the Exploreum...glad you had fun in mi ciudad :)