Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My July 5K (and some slime)

Saturday was my 5K for July.  It was fun because it's one that a sweet friend I've had since middle school organized (this is the 2nd annual) to benefit her church's missionary efforts in Haiti.  But when you don't really run on any kind of consistent basis in the 3 weeks before the race, you really can't expect to have a great run. And I was overheating and a lot of other excuses.  At the water stations I took a cup of water for my throat and a cup to pour down my back.   hot, hot, hot. Luckily, it was a pretty flat and easy course.

Anyway, kind of like the way Mandy and I hope to one day beat the mayor of HYT in a race, I hoped to beat one of Husband's law professors that was running.  But alas.  I stuck to him pretty close for most of the race but then I opted to walk from the mile 2 marker until the mile 3 marker.  He got ahead and beat me by about a minute.  And won 2 place in his age division: 65+  seriously.

a family picture right before the race started.  stretched and ready to go.

the kids LOVED the bouncy house during and after the race 
Looks like I'm really booking it, huh?  That's because I walked for A MILE and I had  some energy left at the end to hurry up and finish!  (I also got a little sunburn on my shoulders.  must remember sunscreen)

Son asked for something that I did not understand and neither did the face painter.  So I suggested a basketball.  He was pretty giddy about it.

with no prompting, Daughter asked for a pig.  She is currently in love with all things Peppa Pig.

After the race, we went to Mcwane for Slimy Slippery Saturday.  The kids were excited.  And then we got there and they saw how crowded it was and how hot it was outside and suddenly they wanted to go in and play with the bubbles!  I prompted them to do everything once and we'd go in.  

Son, going down the slide into the slime.  Daughter opted not to go up the slide because she said the rubber was too hot to touch.

Walking in the slime.  They thought that was cool.

Then they were ready to go in and do all their normal McWane things.  It was a fun and exhausting day. 

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