Monday, August 15, 2011

Discounts at the Zoo = We're There!

 Two weekends ago the zoo had $5 admission and FREE carousel rides.  um, YES.   So, after a morning of errands, we spent Sunday afternoon at the zoo.  (and I packed swim suits for the splash pad)

Husband and this rooster while the kids played at the splash pad

oh my! We rode the carousel 11 times.  And no, I am not exaggerating.  The kids picked different animals every time and loved every second.  I told Husband they will NOT understand why they can only ride it once next time we go and it actually costs money!  FINALLY, I lured them away with promises of the butterfly house and petting zoo!
On the Zebra.  Her favorite animal to look at while at the zoo is also her favorite animal to ride on a carousel.

The back of Son, Husband excited to be on a rabbit and Daughter in the background in a frog. 3/4 family picture.

Son got really excited when I showed him the mirrors on the inside.  He spent an entire ride just watching himself!

His favorite was the giraffe

Standing still in the butterfly house, waiting on a butterfly to land on us.
(Notice I'm wearing the Red Knit Maxi Dress?  Two ladies in Jo-ann and one at the zoo asked me where I bought it.  That was nice.)

This is the part of the day when we went to the petting zoo and a LLAMA SPIT ON SON AND I.  sigh.  And that's all I really want to say about that.  Son is still talking about it though.  "Mommy, llama 'pit on me."  "Yes, I know, buddy.  Me too."  Have you ever had to pretty much take a shower in a sink in a public restroom after a llama covered you in his spit and partially eaten food?  Well, say a prayer tonight thanking God if your answer was, "no."  And, sorry.  There is definitely no pictures of the llama incident.

riding train.  I was more interested than anyone else in the party.  I found the interesting information the conductor was saying, really interesting.

After the train ride, we were ready to go.  But Daughter asked for one more carousel ride.  And you want to know what she wanted to ride?  THE LLAMA.  "p-cause he spit on you and Finny and that was really silly."  Unfortunately for her, there was no llama and she had to settle for a deer that she said was a llama. seriously.

BTW, here is an old Wordless Wednesday of me at the zoo.  I'm probably somewhere between Son and Daughter's age.

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Nicki said...

Lovely pictures, it looks like a good time was had by all! :)

And your dress looks great by the way. :)