Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Garden Update

Lots has been going on in the garden.  Lots. And lots is already finished.

When the squash bugs came a couple of weeks ago, I pulled up the cucumber, squash and zucchini.  It definitely wasn't the "oh no, will I? won't I?  I can't give up on my plants wah wah wah." that is was last year. I didn't have the time or energy to inspect every leaf for eggs everyday.  Up they came.  

While they were still in the dirt, the cucumbers did great, I was picking 5 or 6 a week and I used all of them for either salads or tzatziki.  The zucchini did really well too.  I was picking about 3 huge ones a week.  And either grilled slices or used them in vegetable curry.  The yellow squash didn't do so swell.  I think I only picked 4 all season. I think it was mostly because of being crowded by the zucchini.  The 4 I did pick were fantastic.  I'll have to be smarter about garden placement next year.

a musk melon.  We've already cut into 1 and I'm excited for this one

the biggest and best butternut squash.  The plant this one is on gets the most sun.  The rest of them are much smaller. 

the sweetest cutest (not smart) mut I know.  Every time I tried to take a picture of a plant, he'd step in between me and the plant until I took his picture. Come to think of it, maybe he's not so "not smart" after all.  :-)    

One of Husband's fennel.  We've both excited about these.  There's 7 of them.

one of the carrots.  The kids are excited about these!  Some are clumped together more than others and of course the ones that have more space look like they'll be bigger.

bell pepper

Thanks to these babies, it had been a bench mark year for us in terms of canning.  Wow, they taste fantastic.

Daughter's husky cherry red.  MAN, this thing is a SUPER producer.

I dug up the onions a couple of days ago.  And that's really all for the garden.  The basil and mint are still doing their thing and growing and growing.  It's been a good year for the garden.  And it's not over yet.

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