Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Bird Adventure

Remember our baby birds adventure of 2010? Wow, I do.

Anyway, recently Daughter and I were in the yard checking on the garden when I noticed (almost stepped on) this baby bird. (sigh) Yes, he's much older than the original birds. So I was definitely less concerned about his well being. Two adult birds that look like him where flying around, so I figured his parents were apprised of the situation. He'll be flying soon. He's hopping around the yard, flapping his little baby wings. All is well.

Until we get in the house and Daughter starts crying because the baby bird fell out of his nest and he's hungry and it's scary out of the nest. (sigh) She wants to take bird seed outside for baby bird.

ok, ok. fine. We will take bird seed outside, Daughter. Not a problem.

I get a saucer, she gets the bird seed and we head outside.
I apparently got too close to baby bird because BOTH adult birds dived bombed me. seriously. Luckily, I didn't actually get pecked. I'm sure I'd still be traumatized from that mess. So, I had to explain to Daughter that I got too close to the baby and the parents wanted me/us to go away because they are scared of us.

I appreciate Daughter's concern for every living thing and most nonliving things, but sometimes, it's actually dangerous! (for me, that is)

helicopter parent. literally.

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