Friday, August 5, 2011

SBS Blocks 4, 5 & 6

Three more blocks are finished and I find myself looking forward to Fridays more and more just so I can see what I'm sewing next!

The Pinwheels were fun.  The Arizona was exhausting and the Bowties were so refreshingly easy, I almost made two blocks of them!

blocks 4, 5, and 6

The Pinwheels

The Arizona.  This one was exhausting to make AND to make fabric choices on.

I tried out 4 different center blocks and 3 different triangle options were I ended up putting the  cream triangles.  I kept struggling with thinking the blocks were TOO dark.   Dark IS what I'm going for (hence the green background) but I don't want gloomy dark, just a warm dark.  So after lots of changing around and figuring, I think I struck that balance.
UM, while looking at the Arizona picture, I JUST REALIZED the top middle square of dark blue is different from the other three.  MAN.  Only time will tell if I decide to fix it.  (right now I'm leaning towards no)

The Bowties

This one really was so easy and now that I'm looking at it I see the colors are almost EXACTLY identical to the pinwheels!  Sheesh.  I'm going to have to consult previous blocks before piecing new ones to ensure diversity!

Blocks 5 and 6 I pieced with the new machine and I could tell such a difference.  I KNOW that being able to set the speed so I don't run away at a high speed is helping me maintain control of the fabric, leading to straighter lines and better lined up seams and a cleaner overall look.  

We're moving on to Flying Geese for the next 3 blocks and I know I've heard and seen the term before but I can't picture them in my head.  So, I'm off to google to see what I'm in for!

BTW, if you're interested in seeing what everyone else is doing with their blocks, this is the flickr group for the sampler.  Some of the are just genius.  Great fabric and color choices.  

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