Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A simple (and HUGE) tote bag

Back when I first started scouring the interwebz for tutorials for reusable grocery bags, I found this tutorial for a simple reversible tote at Skip to my Lou.  I bookmarked it for future use.   

I am really into totes, bags, etc.  I think you cannot have enough.  And the cheaper the better.  So when I got the rainbow fabric on sale at Jo-ann, I also picked out this fabric (and a matching zipper, but more on that on Thursday).

I really dug the salmon/pink/white/green fabric as soon as I spotted it. And immediately remembered the tote tutorial.  Then I started looking for a green to coordinate with it.  As with most tutorials/patterns I follow, I deviated a little.  first, it's HUGE.  Literally, overnight bag huge.  instead of cutting 2 pieces of 13.5x14 for the outside, I used two entire fat quarters.  2 18x21 pieces of fabric for the outside and two for the lining.  Then I needed another fat quarter for the straps and since there was so much left over I made a pocket.  Well, a divided pocket.  That my cell phone and camera fit in perfectly. I also put interfacing on the lining and straps to give it some body.  Mine ended up not being reversible like the tutorial, because of the pocket I added.  I don't want that on the outside.

All the pieces, ready for assembly.  The inside out pocket, straps, lining and outside.

the finished bag.  See, HUGE.  I made the gussets 3 inches instead of 1.5 inches and that seems to be the perfect size. It's got nice width and depth.  
inside.  phone in one pocket.  and see the fabric in the bottom?  I'm debuting that on Thursday. Here's a hint - it's a matching zippered pouch.  And it's also HUGE.  Well, that wasn't much of a hint.  I actually just told you.  I'm pitiful at keeping most of my secrets.
So, like I said, this tote is HUGE.  I envision it being a race day tote to hold a change of clothes and possibly an entire shower stall.  ;-)   I love the colors.  a lot.

In total, I used 5 fat quarters at .99 a piece, fusible interfacing that I already had and white thread I already had.  I think that qualifies as a "cheap" tote.


Mandy Mc said...

I think this looks like a great race day bag! Good work!

TL said...

so awesome! i basically want something just like this for knitting (maybe smaller?). i bet you could sell the heck out of them on Etsy. just saying.