Thursday, May 12, 2011

First 5k of the season AND sewing

I double booked myself for Saturday and I hope it means double fun -- I'm pretty sure it will, anyway.

I haven't been to the Birmingham Zoo in nearly a decade but on Saturday, I will be running [and walking] a 5k there. HURRAY. I had a high school friend and a college friend who signed up also, but then because of work conflicts, they can't run. I'm excited, but I'm not ready. I know I'll be walking a little. but I'm excited nonetheless. I have to start somewhere and starting at the zoo sounds like a fun fun thing to do. Plus, since I'm racing, I get in for free and Husband and kids get in for $5 each. Not too shabby. If fun is had by all, we may decide to get a family season pass.

So, after I get cooled down from the run, I'm headed to Prattville for our Second Saturday Sewing day. (a bag. I'm pretty excited.)

Husband and the kids are planning on staying at the zoo for as long as he can stand it. I'm excited for the anticipated fun they are going to have.


Criddy said...

Dang. I wish I would have known and I would have ran it with you. Dang. Dang. Dang.

Christy Ross said...


I'm going to have to do a better job of publicizing my race schedule. maybe I'll set up a google doc for all of our running friends that we can all add our races to.

Criddy said...

You should. There is a Run Georgia calendar that is on the web that I follow to see what races are when and where. If you and the fam want to come here for the 4th of July there is a fun run/10k/5k/we are not stupid enough to run Peachtree race in our little town. Then we (Sara-beth and Katie included) grill out and sit in the middle of the road and watch fire works from the Mall of Georiga which is approx 500 feet from my house.

Christy Ross said...

I lost the comments for the this post when Blogger was having glitches.

But I have set up a google doc for all my running friends to add their running schedules. Let me know if you want the link so you can run with us (or cheer!)