Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Husband and the kids at the Zoo (post 5k)

So, I headed off and Husband and the kids continued their zoo adventure.

The fellas.

I have no idea why the elephant only has one tusk.
Husband said this was Son's favorite animal to see.

Daughter wanted to go jump with the wallabies.

Hello there, very bright colored bird that is extremely close to me.

The money shot of the day. love.love.love. Thank you, Train conductor for taking this picture!

Mindy and Daughter ringing the bell. teamwork.

Daughter's FAVORITE animal at the zoo. The night before she told us she wanted to bring her mommy zebra and baby zebra to the zoo so they could see where the other zebras live because "they are both painted black and white." (sadly, mommy zebra was MIA, but I did find baby zebra about 5 minutes before the left the house!)

comparing the zebras. "They match with baby zebra"
(notice she's holding baby zebra)

I'm so glad she got to see the zebras.


Son making a silly face while he was waiting for the sea lion show to start.

The kids only lasted about an hour and a half after I left. The were exhausted and gladly left without a fight. Luckily, it was their first trip to the Birmingham Zoo so they had no idea they missed the carousel and the petting zoo plus a lot more animals!

I really enjoyed listening to them go on and on and on about their zoo adventure. Husband said when they were on the train that Son kept waving at the animals they passed. (sigh) such a sweet little buddy.

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