Thursday, May 5, 2011

A newly acquired mug - broken

I got this mug at registration during J-Day. Yay. I was excited for a new favorite coffee mug. I really liked that the inside was black. Plus it had this really cool stirring spoon that fit into the handle. I must not get out much because this was the first time I'd seen a coffee mug like this.

And here it is broken. (only the spoon luckily)

All it took was a little slip of the mind (putting it too close to the edge of the counter) and Grabby McGrabberson (Son) who gets in trouble daily for trying to get things off the counters, had it. And dropped it. sigh.

To make matters worse, the two main pieces of the spoon don't even fit together cleanly ... or really at all. There's middle pieces missing that I never found. So I can't glue it back together.
On the upside at least it was only the spoon. I might have shed tears if it'd been the actual mug.

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