Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Let me take a picture of your wedding rings"

Let me set the scene for you. It's about 8 months ago and Daughter is going on a rampage of photography. Taking pictures of anything she can get lined up in the lens. She's already taken about 100 shots that day. Then she comes and sits in my lap and asks to take a picture of my wedding rings. She's a little obsessed with them.

When I'm putting lotion on and I've put the rings on a nearby table, that's her favorite time to swoop in and talk about the rings (ie ask to wear them for a moment) I always tell her that it's the "daddy loves mommy ring" that he gave me when we decided we were going to be a family forever.

(NOTICE: I'm actually wearing two wedding bands. The smaller yellow gold one was my Nanny's. She gave it to me along with her original engagement ring when I was in college. I wear her wedding ring more often than I wear my actual engagement ring. I love it. It definitely makes me feel like she's close.)

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