Monday, May 30, 2011

Our First Strawberry Pickin' Adventure

Saturday, I suggested we go berry picking. Tiffany went strawberry picking a few weeks ago and I wanted to give it a try too.

I actually had blueberries in mind, but quickly learned they aren't in season for a couple of more weeks around here.

Husband made a few calls to some farms we found on (amazing, AMAZING resource for all things farming) and we ended up driving about 20 minutes to Jerry Marsh Farms (the first one Husband called, he liked to remind me)

(sigh) It was so much fun.

I was so glad to hear, "We only spray with peppermint oil, so don't worry. The kids can eat all they want out there," from the sweet lady who handed us our baskets and pointed us to where no one had been picking that day.

Daughter did a great job. When I told her to only pick the red ones, she said, "I know, Mommy. Just like tomatoes."

Son and Husband picking.

Just a tiny tiny sample of how wonderful the fruit looked. And tasted ... wow. I don't think I can ever eat a store bought strawberry again. Or at least not without thinking of these babies.

Daughter sampling her picks.

This was the half-way point when we stopped ...

... for an ice water break.
It took Husband and I (with minimal help from the kids) less than an hour to fill two buckets full of these great strawberries. And Husband got some GREAT berries. He was more picky than me and ended up with bigger berries.

Son, struttin' out covered in berry juice.
We really had such a great time. It's just really nice and rewarding to get to enjoy something as a family. And everyone have a good time. We'll definitely be visiting Jerry Marsh Farms again!

One of the two camels that live at the farm next door to Jerry Marsh! The kids got such a kick out of see him. They both remembered the camel from the zoo a couple of weeks ago.

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