Thursday, May 19, 2011

Second Saturday Sewing: May - The Pleated Purse

I was right about Saturday being a lot of fun. Even if I was yawning most of the day. Fun was had.

It's always nice to have friends who know more than you. Especially if they're great teachers. I've never read a pattern before and I incorrectly interpreted how to cut the lining. So, I'm glad JSS showed me the actual right way before I put the rotary blade to the fabric!

Saturday, we worked on a pleated purse. I really like the way it looks and I was excited about the fabric that I picked out. (except for the price. I should have looked more and found something a little cheaper. Amy Butler twill = not the best deal in the world. But I do REALLY like the bright bold colors)

The tutorial is only 3 pages long.
Page 1: Cutting the fabric
Page 2: Prep for assembly
Page 3: Bag assembly

And we got the first page and ALMOST all of the second page finished on Saturday. I finished the rest of the page 2 on Sunday night. So I am ready to ASSEMBLE next time we meet.

This is what happened when I neatly arranged my purse pieces on the floor to snap a picture. The cat. What a beast. She slid in and bit the lining before I could shoo her away.

OK, here are the pieces.
the light blue trampizoids with the polka dot centers are the lining and the polka dot centers are double pockets.
The strips in the middle are the straps. One side is the lining and the other is the outside of the purse
The polka dot pieces on the right are the pleated purse fronts. (I didn't fan the bottom one out as well, but the pleats are pretty uniform on both pieces)

Husband had my camera at the zoo so I didn't get any pictures while we were working. JSS's daughter got a few. Most notably, JSS's really fun apple fabric and my excitement to get started.

I'm really excited about getting it finished soon. Learning is great.

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