Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday Adventure: High Falls

Sunday we went on an adventure to High Falls. It's up around Bucks Pocket and Lake Guntersville which is an area we love to visit so we'd been wanting to go for awhile.

Loaded down with our towels, swimsuits, a cooler of snacks, sunscreen, water shoes and puddle jumpers, we were ready. (admission is free but there's a donation box)

When we got to the falls, the first thing we did was go stand on the bridge. (you can't actually see the falls from the bridge because of how they fall)

the view from the left side of the bridge. The falls are to the right.

I got the kids water shoes and they both seemed to like them, but the bottom is VERY smooth rock (and because of the fast moving water, very little algae/moss) It was easy to walk on barefoot.

a view of the falls

a view of Husband, the kids and the bridge from the falls

a pretty cool water eroded arch in the rock.

That guy who looks like he's standing in the water was actually cliff jumping. Husband wanted to try it but then I reminded him of the rope swing incident at the river and the 9 staples he got in his head as a result. So instead we just watched. Son got really into it. He was cheering and screaming for the jumpers. And kept saying it was his turn next. ha. never Son.

taking a juice/cheese stick/grape/reapply sunscreen break

Husband and Daughter walking to the falls
The water is pretty shallow and really easy to walk it. It was pretty ideal for us.

at the playground area on the way back to the car

they had a fantastic time.
I didn't take very many pictures or even what I would consider ONE good picture. But I had my swimsuit and I was in the water playing with the kids 90% of the time and I guess that's how it should be. It was a great family fun day.

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Mandy Mc said...

This looks like so much fun! You guys are great adventurers. I can't wait to have some summer adventures with our little family.