Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spirits Sunday: Skinny Girl Margarita

Oh, Bethenny Frankel, I love you.

I didn't start watching any the shows she's been on until the last couple of episodes of Bethenny Getting Married? And I've watched most of the episodes of Bethenny Ever After. It's not because I dislike Bravo reality tv. It's because I don't have a DVR and I can never remember when certain shows come on and I never seem to find it on replay! I think I may have to start doing what my dad does. He has a list by the remote of his programs and when they come on.

So, I love Bethenny and I love tequila. Or more specifically, margaritas. I decided to give it a try.

We don't buy typical margarita mix anymore and have two standard margarita recipes we use depending on what we have in the house.

one can of frozen lime juice concentrate
one can of water
one can of tequila
one can of beer (I use Red Stripe)
add salt as needed.
(it doesn't taste beer-y. I promise)

1.5oz of fresh lime juice (sometimes I use the from the bottle stuff)
1oz triple sec
2oz of tequila.
add salt (and sometimes sugar) as needed

So, I was interested in trying a lower calorie version - enter Skinny Girl.

I tried it minutes after having a small glass of RECIPE TWO and I'll be honest, on the heels of that, Skinny Girl tasted wastered down and bitter.

ugh, aren't most low calorie/fat free things that way? Just not as good as the things that make you into a big girl.

I ate couple of bites of dinner and had a drink of water and tried it again on its own, it definitely faired better. It isn't as "full bodied" but it still is pretty good. I guess it's kind of like the difference between a Coca-Cola and a Diet Coke.

My second glass (days later) I added pinch of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. Much better, but definitely helps to negative the "healthier" factor!

I may or may not buy another bottle. At the very least, I'll buy a bottle for one of Husband's cousins who is itching to try it and hasn't found it in her area yet. She's a big Bethenny fan too.

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laurensmommy said...

Ok, since we are admitting it in blogland...I love Bethenny too! I started watching some of the Bethenny Getting Married episodes when Bravo was having a marathon and was hooked. She is hilarious! We do have DVR, so I record Bethenny Ever After and watch when I have a few spare minutes. Jason is pretty much appalled at me, but she makes me laugh!!