Monday, May 9, 2011

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

I'm not into Mother's Day. I don't want breakfast in bed. um, crumbs much? I don't want home (or store bought) cards. I'm not interested in flowers or brunch or mani/pedis or special jewelry with my kids' birthstones in them or all the other stuff that Hallmark and other marketing conglomerates tell me I need. (that's fine if you do. I sincerely hope all your Mother's Day dreams come true) I just wanted to spend the day with my kids and the man who helped me make them. And that's all I want pretty much every Sunday.

We went to Turkey Creek Nature Preserve in Pinson. We've been talking about going since in opened in 2008 and we finally felt the kids were old enough for the "hiking" part.

The start of the "trail" we went on. I'm not sure if a paved walkway in the woods can count as a hiking trail under normal circumstances, but when you have a 2 and a 3.5 year old with you, it does! It ended up being exactly what we needed. One big hill that we all ran down and then huffed back up on the way out, the rest was pretty steady and easily manageable for us all.

Daughter wanted to take this home, cover it with peanut butter and bird seed so the birds would have something to eat. Say what you want about television, but a couple of hours of it a day gives my daughter some fabulous ideas that we haven't read to her in books.
(notice the chicken mcnuggets and fries we had for our picnic before we started? Mom of the day award right there. a lunch of tan/yellow)

Husband and Daughter starting out. Don't you LOVE her long shorts? I do. I would have gotten more than one pair if they were cheaper than $11!

Old Man Son and his walking stick. We laugh that he either acts like a baby or an old man. I also made sure his shorts had lots of pockets because he's a rock collector.

a scenery shot. It really was a nice walk. We heard lots of birds and saw a couple of lizards and I even spotted a couple of black berry bushes.

At the end. We stopped for a water break before we headed back to the car to get to another trail and the water.

walking back. It's nice when your kids want to hold your hands.

"Daddy, take my pitcher three times." This is one of them

Son and Husband getting into the water at the Eagle Scout trail. Daughter and I kept walking down the trail a little bit and met them later.

We met them at a faster part of the water and you can tell by the expression on his face, Son thought I was holding on entirely too tight. But I was in no mood to have to perform a heroic rescue.

Our view of The swimming Hole. We played on the upper shallow side.

Daughter checking it out.
I would suggest if you want to get in the water here to bring appropriate shoes! the kids didn't mind stepping on tons of little sharp rocks but I did. Husband said if I didn't spend so much time getting dead skin off my feet then I'd have a natural layer of protection. (I wore my socks and that helped a little but next time I'm going to bring my crocs and get water shoes for the kids)

digging through the rocks to find "meteors"

throwing rocks. seriously, my kids LOVE throwing rocks in the water.

Husband watching the kids play

splashing. I stayed out of this little bit of fun. Next time, I'll pack extra clothes for everyone and not just the kids.
Also, Daughter got her shorts soaked and asked me if she could get "butt wet" I think she meant "butt naked" because when I said yes she tried to take off her panties too! sorry, kid. no skinny dipping.

Son threw his fair share of rocks

Son and Husband playing. notice Son's hands full of rocks


another big view shot. lots of people came and went while we were there.

Daughter and Husband out in the "deep" I said, say cheese and to their right, Son did. So they looked

Son also chose to take his pants off and play in just the diaper

out in the "deep" She was a little apprehensive about Husband taking her out there, but did great.

the finale of the day: ice cream


cotton candy
Mother's Day win.

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I love the "Mom, you're holding my hand too tight" shot!