Monday, May 23, 2011

Lots of pictures of plants

OK, OK. The garden has been growing and I've been excited about it.

Daughter's Husky Cherry Red (she's got about a dozen baby tomatoes on her plant)
Son's Husky Cherry Red? ZERO tomatoes, because he can't stop picking them!

One of the four Rutgers. They are just started to bloom.

The three Black Beauty Zucchini Squash.
There were only supposed to be 2, but a rogue seed made its way into the dirt and I haven't culled it.

The two Early Golden Summer Crookneck Squash

The three cucumber (the one in the middle is much smaller because I planted it later)


The onions.

The three Juliets that I started from seeds. They're still much smaller than the store bought ones. And I still have the last two plants to deliver to JSS.

The first bloom on one of the four Homesteads. (They're about the size of the Rutgers)

Blooms on the store bought Juliets! I'm pretty excited. I remember last year when we had 4 Juliets and I'd pick 50 of the little tomatoes a day sometimes. And this year we have SEVEN.
Tomato overload.

three of the four muskmelons plants. I planted them close to the fence to they could climb it. It happened like that accidentally last year and I liked the results. The ones that grew up the fence seemed to do better than the ones that grew on the ground.

the blueberries. The two smaller ones in the front are the Elliotts and the larger one in the back is a Chippewa. Hurray for cross-pollination!

three of the five (!!) butternut squash. I planted as many by the fence as I could but there are a couple that will be growing on the ground.

The blackberries didn't make it. I'm a little sad. I don't like to see anything (that includes plants in my garden) die. But I've been watering them pruning back the dead parts and there's already new growth on one of the plants. That's promising. Husband doesn't seem to mind too much that they're gone. If they don't bounce back next year, we'll probably replace them.
There's still not much/anything really going on with the fennel. soon hopefully. And, of course, the mint and basil are doing great. I've made four batches of pesto so far and gallons and gallons of mint tea.


TL said...

your garden is kicking so much butt! how many square feet do you have in all?

Christy Ross said...

eh, I have no clue. 57 feet in the main 4 squares, then there's the back rectangle that I'd have to measure. (I think it's like 8x21 but with lots of empty space) Plus the 10 tomato plants that aren't in a square.