Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The garden is planted (and other fun)

Hurray. Sunday we got the garden planted (except for 3 melon plants that will go in at the end of the week) I was really excited. We were outside for about 4 hours. (and who wasn't wearing sunscreen? yep, that'd be me.) I'm a little pink. Aloe and Advil. Ginger Husband is RED.

Here's the major highlights:

These are the Juliets I started from seeds. There are 8 (but one looks puny and may not make it) I saved enough space for 4 of them in the garden (but I may only plant 2 or 3). So if anyone wants the others, you're welcome to them. If you don't have space in your garden or even a garden, they'd be great in one of those big over sized plant pots and a tomato cage. If these turn out half as well as last year's Juliets, you'll be in for such a treat.
EDIT: My mom has asked for one.

Son and his rock standing beside his tomato plant. He picked out his Husky Cherry Red plant and his green cage.

Daughter and Blue Bear with her Husky Cherry Red and her red tomato cage. I was proud of her. She'd spotted a pink cage at Marvin's, but we got the less expensive one at Lowe's and they didn't have pink. She took it in stride and picked out red because "red it favorite too"

2 of the 4 Rutgers.
Instead of making our own cages, I opted to buy a heavier gage cage than what we previously had. Hopefully, it'll last more than 2 years like the old ones. They sure are heavier and more sturdy so that's a good sign.

The three cucumbers at various stages of growth. Husband piece milled the dividers this year so we wouldn't have to buy more wood. We salvaged as much of the old wood as possible. Then he used weed eater line and some plumbing strap for the rest. I'm interested to see how the line holds up. It's certainly cheaper than wood.

2 of the 4 Homesteads. The only way I can tell the two varieties apart right now is I planted them on opposite sides of the yard (and wrote down which kind went where!!) They look pretty much identical. I'm excited to see how they change as they grow. And of course, how the fruit looks.

The 4 store bought Juliets. ( I actually only bought 3 but one pot had 3 stems in it and I was able to separate 1) The other green sprigs you see are onions. I had decided not to do onions but I saw these at Lowe's and decided to give onions one last try. I'm hopeful they'll be huge. Or at least big.

1 of the Livingston Musk Melons. The other 3 are still pretty tiny, so I dug their hole and will probably plant them Friday.

The 2 blueberry bushes the kids have been begging for (they're Elliotts) Husband moved the blackberries to the back of the box so they could be supported by the fence and not cages. They haven't handled the move well. Fingers crossed they make it (for the love of Husband).

the blue berries already have a few green berries on them and Daughter is obsessed with them. "I just want to sit by the blueberries."
It was Husband's idea to lay the weed mat. Last year we had so much trouble keeping that area weeded. We got a good deal at Sam's and it was easy to put down.

The rest of the garden that I didn't take pictures of (because, well, it just looks like dirt now) includes the yellow squash (Early Golden Summer Crookneck), the zucchini (Black Beauty Zucchini Squash), carrots (Carrot Parisienne, those were the free gift from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds), fennel (Fennel Di Ferenze) and butternut squash (Waltham).

I've already decided next year I want pickling cucumbers. The kids LOVE pickles and I think they'd love the growing/pickling/canning/eating process.

Son spent a lot of time hauling around rocks. The places Husband dug for the tomatoes were ROCK-Y. Son has been reaping the joys of lots of extra rocks in the yard! He'll fill up his bucket on one side of the yard, carrying it to the other side and begin again.

showing off his rocks.

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