Monday, May 2, 2011

what I've been sewing: wonky log cabin squares

Just what I need- one more thing to get obsessed about. Yet, here I am. obsessed. With a rather expensive hobby.

I'm not good at it, but I pretty much love it. (Just like bowling and tennis)

I've been pouring over quilting blogs and following ones I like left and right and I found this tutorial for wonky log cabin squares on Tallgrass Prairie Studio. I loved her color choices and I thought if I added a little blue, it'd go well with Husband's birthday present that he decided to hang in our bedroom.

Off to Hobby Lobby to see what their 30% off fabric sale had to offer. We couldn't find a pattern combination of red/white/black/blue that didn't look like an interpretation of an American flag. So, I gave up on that idea and asked Husband to pick out a fun whimsical pattern he liked and then I would pick the other patterns/colors to go along with it. He picked the blue circle pattern and then we worked together picking out everything else. Well, Daughter picked out the pink. (of course. She calls it "swirly whirly favorite")

I've finished about 10 12x12 squares so far and this is a sampling of them.

a close up to get a better view of the pattern on the white.
The white is definitely a more flimsy fabric than the rest and I wish I would've noticed that when I was picking out the fabric. I would have gone with something that more closely resembled the rest.

There's not any kind of priority level on the squares. I mainly been working on them when we sit down to watch the Soprano's (thank you again, bham public library. We love your dvd collection) Between cutting, designing, sewing and ironing, I can get 1 square finished per episode.

I haven't decided how big it's going to be. I bought 3 yards each of the material, so I might just see how far that gets me in squares. Wal-mart has a black flat sheet that I'm going to use for the back and one border with be the grey with black polka dots. (I'm thinking about a second border too but I haven't really decided on a final look yet.)

EDIT: I wrote this post about a week ago. Since then, I finished the front (last night). I used 12 of the squares and the grey/black polka dots for the border. I need to measure it so I know what size black sheet to get for the back. Plus, I want to use Warm and Natural Batting. And I'll have to wait on a coupon for that! The front is a little larger than my serenade blanket (ie, a regular size fleece throw). I figured that was about all I could handle with my standard machine. And I've got enough material left over that I can make another. So that's exciting. I really like the way all the fabrics look together. I'll probably post both fronts when I get finished with the second one.


laurensmommy said...

I'm so impressed! I have always wanted to learn how to quilt! Since I have pretty much given up my (previously expensive) habit of scrapbooking...mabye I could find the time/money to learn to quilt?

Christy Ross said...

I love making the fronts. It's so fun for me. picking fabrics, designs, etc. It gets hard when it's time to get the front, middle and the back together (and the binding) where is gets hard and true craftsmanship begins. You should see some of the ones Jennifer has put together. amazing.

search for some quilting blogs. you'll get the bug!

Jennifer said...

Awww thanks, CAR! I have a reveal of one this week. My favorite so far! Now that I have gotten over having to finish the project all at once, they have gotten much better. That whole taking your time thing...

Can't wait to see how this one turns out!

Jessica said...

Um. I kind of want this one. Very cute how all of the fabrics come together... I am very impressed at your craftyness.

My ability to make stuff with my hands stops after I've made the game plan and 5 minutes after I've begun work. (Remember the scarves?) If the ingredients come from Hobby Lobby or Michaels, forget about it.