Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yesterday was Husband's birthday. Daughter and I have been talking about it for a week. She told me that she was in charge of getting the balloons and I was in charge of decorations. I have no idea how a 3.5 year old was going to acquire balloons on her own, but that was her plan.

Husband thought we were having burritos for dinner and he needed to go by the store and pick up salsa and onion (for the guacamole). I was doing my best to make him think the kids were acting like maniacs, I was stressed out and tired and this was not going to be anything but an ordinary day at our house. In reality, I cooked his favorite meal, eggplant parmesan. And made mint tea (I'm so glad to have fresh mint again) PLUS, the kids and I picked out balloons, crepe paper, hats and birthday donuts. It was going to be a surprise party.

To the right of the window behind Husband is a side door to our house. We only use it for carrying the trash outside, but Daughter wanted me to cover it in crepe paper so "Daddy could come in that door and step right into his party." seriously, this girl has party planning ideas.
Also notice the hat. Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday hats. The ONLY birthday hats at walmart.
ALSO, it's hard to get 32 candles on one donut. I stopped at 20.

Son eating his donut.
There's a little glimpse of the birthday entrance behind him.

Daughter battling the dinosaur she gave Husband and the baby spider that Son gave Husband.
After Sunday's visit to McWane, Daughter thinks dinosaurs are Husband's favorite and that's what she wanted to get him.

a little glimpse of the decorations. Daughter kept telling me I was a very fast decorator.

This is what I made Husband. I used things we already had, so out of pocket cost = zero.
And as usual, as soon as I finished it, I started noticing things I'd have done differently. It was very important to me that the embroidered quote be in my hand writing, but I know it would have been a lot nicer and uniform looking if I'd have just used a printed font. eh, I don't like my cursive writing anyway, so I'm a little bias about it. The absolute hardest part was narrowing down which quote/poem I'd use. I had to take an informal friend poll after I couldn't narrow it down past the final 3 choices!
I basically repainted a thrift store frame I've had for months, cut open a white pillow case we already had, wrote the quote, embroidered over it, washed off the marker, glued it to a piece of sized cardboard I spray painted white and mounted it in the frame. I waited until Monday to do the framing because I knew I'd get excited and try to give it to him early if I finished it early. I'm notorious for that.

Daddy/Son after donuts

dirty donut faces
(sigh) those three. They make life better.

The kids were both so excited about surprising Daddy on his birthday.


Campaign to Elect said...
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Husband said...
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Husband said...

strongly leaning towards bringing my gift from CAR to work with me to make the days less dreary.......its our george lassos the moon

Mandy Mc said...

What a fun, fun day!!! Your gift to Jeremy is beautiful. You guys are such thoughtful gift givers.

Megan said...

So sweet...what special gifts :-)

Ashley Goldsmith said...

I love seeing your gift to your husband. Such a thoughtful, special, creative gift! I love this post :) It makes me happy