Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Herbs and how they made Sunday better

Sunday was looking to be a fabulously relaxing day. Husband finished up a pipe replacement job in the basement on Saturday and we were both looking forward to a day of fun and rest.

I don't know how much anyone has paid attention to pictures I've posted of our bathtubs, so I'll explain them a little. We have two and they are both claw foot. Freestanding with the water and drain pipes all exposed. Kids were napping and we were in the tub, when the hot water pipe became disconnected.

PEOPLE, hot water spewing everywhere (including into a hole that led to our basement but we didn't know about that part yet). In a furious scramble I'm collecting towels and buckets to keep as much water off the floor as I could and Husband ran for the pliers. It was probably less than 3 minutes from the time the pipe disconnected to when Husband stopped it. But wow, it felt like about 15.

I went downstairs to get the shopvac and discovered that water was leaking from the basement ceiling. At first we thought it was more leaky pipes but then we realized it was water pouring down an unsealed hole around a copper pipe connected to the tub. Husband was tearing out drywall and I was trying not to cry.

That night we both congratulated each other on a job well done. We handled it quickly and efficiently and without and tense words spoken to each other. We both grew up in homes where verbal abuse was the norm and things were often blown way out of proportion, so I thought that deserved a big pat on the back.

ugh. But it's another thing to fix in the house. (a whole wall and ceiling worth of drywall in the basement)

ok, that's the end of the bad news part of the story. I see a little humor now. just a little though.

A few hours later we stopped by wal-mart for a couple of items for dinner and I realized the herbs were out in the garden center. I needed that. A lot.

I gathered up 9 basil and 1 mint.
As you can tell, they are much shorter than they would have been if I'd waited another month to buy them. But, well, I didn't want to wait. I wanted to watch them grow.
The one in the blue pot on the right probably won't make it. It was a tiny little withered mess that I almost threw away. And if it ends up dying I'll just take one of the plants out of the crowded planters to replace it.

btw, the low last night was 38 but I brought them in the house anyway. silly? yes. I also water them with warm water.


Tanya Ott said...

Congrats on getting them planted. You're SO much better than I am! A friend gave me a rose plant Sunday and I still don't have it in the ground. Same thing for the basil and parsley I bought this week.

Hopefully I'll get 'em planted before they wither and die!

Nicki said...

re: similar upbringings

I had a feeling yours was like ours. As was my husband's ...


TL said...

we haven't started our basil seeds yet. are we totally screwed?

Christy Ross said...

TL: you've got plenty of time left.

Did you get your seeds at a fun interesting place? The ones I got last year at Walmart (or Lowe's, I forget) were great.