Friday, March 11, 2011

near total seed disaster

I'm really not as upset as I thought I'd be. It is what it is, as Husband says. I can either fix it and move on or scrap it and not have the garden I've planned. buck up, Christy. You have seeds to plant and plants to transfer.

This whole week it's been rainy and dark and cold. There might have been 4 hours of sunlight all week. So all the plants have stayed in the house. Out of the sun. Yet, I still have been watering them on schedule, as if they'd been outside in the sun for 8 hours a day. sigh.

Last night I watered them as usual and today they are pretty much all dead or dying. I put all the VERY wet dirt in the red tray to dry out and replanted what looked like it might live. And will have to plant new seeds for the rest.

sigh. It's not a huge deal. It could be much worse. It's just one more thing I got to add to mine "done it" list for today. And on the upside: It is really sunny today. It's like God knew my plants would need the extra sun. I appreciate His provision.

All 4 cucumbers look bad, but not completely dead. I hope the dry dirt and some sun revive them.

All 4 of the livingston musk melons look fantastic! I replanted them in dry dirt, but they look no worse for wear.

The only juliet tomato that survived and it was one that I just planted last week. But to tell you the truth, those has been looking pretty puny and I had a hunch that the seeds I saved from last seed cross-pollinated with the stupice. And that was the reason they weren't really thriving. So a few days ago I ordered new seeds. Because I was already planning on planting new seeds anyway, it's not the big of a deal.

4 of the jersey giants look like they'll make it. And I'll plant new seeds for the rest.

Some of the dirt drying out.
I'm still feeling optimistic about the garden. I think it'll be great.

UPDATE: after 3 hours outside, all the plants look worse. But on the plus side, the dirt is almost dry.

EXTRA UPDATE: after 7 hours outside, the only things that survived was the tiny juliet and two of the melons. I just finished the replant and have learned my watering lesson well.

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