Saturday, March 26, 2011

how's the garden?

Pretty good. Thanks for asking. :-)



My laziness outweighs my embarrassment on this one. When I loaded it I thought, "what a HORRIBLE picture. I can't post that on the blog." Then I thought, "eh, I don't really want to go back outside and then have to resize and reload the picture." So, here you see one of the Jersey Giant tomatoes sprouting it's "real" leaves. exciting!

The basil and the mint both look good and are growing well. I haven't done a major basil harvest yet, but I have picked a couple a dozen of the biggest leaves off a couple of times for pizza.

It won't be long before we get everything else going in the garden.


Lee said...

I have sweet basil, rosemary, and bibb lettuce planted in peet pots on my deck. The lettuce is sprouting but the rest not so much. But hey, it has been an eventful week and my little pots have been not so very important. There have been talks of prepping the ground this weekend for the big garden but we shall see.

TL said...

YAY! I'm stressed about this week being so sprouts need sunshine in addition to their love!