Monday, March 7, 2011

I love cloth diapers ... a lot

I'll miss them. but my love for fully potty trained children will eclipse the sadness of saying goodbye to cloth diapers.

Son is in the midst of potty training. He loves to do his business in the potty and loves to cheer and give high fives. (plus somehow I've managed to not give reward treats to him. Remember, Daughter got a Hershey Kiss? It's nice that cheers and high fives are reward enough for him)

But potty training means lots of wet underwear. (He picked out a 6 pack of dinosaur briefs, he loves to wear them but forgets their purpose a lot) And LOTS of exclamations about how happy I am we have hardwood floors.

seriously, any mom who has ever potty trained with carpet - you deserve a medal. They hand out mom medals don't they? Well, they should.


Lee said...

I too have wondered how people with carpet endure potty training. We have it in the bedrooms but it was never an issue in there. How different is it potty training a boy?

PS: You are so "winning" right now! So sad he is in the state he is in but that is my new phrase too.

Christy Ross said...

eh, so far it might be a little easier, but I think that's bc I've already done it before and Finn wants to do EVERY his sister does ... which includes wearing underwear and using the toilet.

TL said...

these photos are really fantastic!