Monday, March 21, 2011

A Saturday Adventure

My birthday is Tuesday. So Saturday we set out on a birthday adventure. Husband drove us to Cheaha State Park. I haven't been since I was in 2nd grade and Husband had never been. It was a fun hiking day.

the view from one of the scenic parking spots before you get in the park

we climbed the tower to the highest point in Alabama. or I think the top of the tower is the highest point. The sign was a little unclear.

On the way down from the tower. Yes, I failed to take ANY pictures while I was at the possible highest point of Alabama. shame, shame, you know my name.

Son sitting in a window.
(everything takes so much longer with kids. case in point, walking down about a half a dozen flights of stairs. It take longer but it's more fun too.)

Daughter announcing her ability to do it "ALL BY MYSELF BECAUSE I AM A BIG GIRL."

a benchmark, for all you geocachers. unfortunately, I didn't get to do any actual geocaching.

These stones were at the beginning of the trail we 'hiked' It was outside the State Park so I think it was technically in the Talladega National Forest. I did note that the trail was listed as 130 miles long. seriously. We hiked in 30 minutes, took a juice and orange break and hiked back out.

Daughter was interested in finding who these hand prints and footprints (and some not pictured animal prints) belonged to. She was a little mad when I announced we were turning around because she hadn't "solved the mystery" seriously, she said that phrase. Ah, my little Nancy Drew. Makes me proud.

Daughter often takes the lead in our hikes.

standing on a stump with a "circle branch" she found.

Son on the stump. Not to be outdone, he had a rock and a stick.

The hiking men.

Climbing a rock.

both kids pointed out the moss around the rock and said it looked like broccoli.

This was a favorite activity on the hike. picking up rocks from the creek and throwing them back in. They must have spent 10 minutes on the way in and out doing this.

headed back out. He was tired and asked to hold hands.

"over, under" was Son's second favorite hiking activity. On our way in, every time we came to a trunk/big branch/whatever (about 6 times) that was in our way I asked him if he was going to go over it or under it. On the way back out, as soon as he spotted the trunk/big branch/whatever he'd start saying "over, under, over, under" and then when he got to it, he'd SHOUT his intention and do it. It was fun to watch. He was having a ball.

Daughter running to catch up to us. Somehow Son and I managed quite a lead on those two on the return trip.
It was a fun trip with the kids.

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