Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Birthday - The McWane visit

Husband's birthday is Tuesday. To celebrate we went to the McWane Center. While it's a lot of fun, it wasn't our first choice. But bad weather changed our plans. Anyway, it's a fun place. I wish we were members. I know we'd go a lot more.

This was our second family trip to McWane. The first was was the day before Son was born. It was nice to be able to run around and play while NOT being 39.5 weeks pregnant. I had a lot more fun this time!

We stayed three hours. And the kids howled like rabid wolves when it was time to leave. Tired. Hungry. too much fun. It was pretty fabulous watching them learn and discover and just have fun.

In the optical illusion room
(it's hard to get two toddlers to stand near each other long enough to take their picture)

playing in the blue sand.

the water. Son came back to this area so much that on his last trip he was able to put this apron on by himself.
Look at that cute guy with the backpack. Yea, I went home with him. [creeper]

Daughter go SO excited when she saw this harp. Then slightly disappointed when she realized the strings were actually lights. She just wanted an old fashion harp.

Son driving the space ship. He spent almost 15 minutes in there. driving, pushing buttons, crawling around the back. He loved it. It was fun for me to see him experiencing something on his own (Daughter never even noticed the space ship). So much of the time, he's following her around trying to do everything she does. I loved this independent discovery.

A little downtime while we were watching Daughter play with water and Son in the space ship.

climbing in the castle

He loved this and got pretty wet. too bad we didn't pack an extra shirt.

uncovering a fossil

giving a weather report. I'm a green screen goddess.

another attempt at a sibling shot. When I snapped this picture, Daughter announced, "that was a perfect shot. Let's do something else now."

Daddy/Daughter soccer goalies

I should have made a video

more driving. It was his theme of the day.


huge light-bright.

Fun, fun, Fun. Since this was more of a birthday adventure for Son (who has a birthday very soon as well), We'll have to squeeze a trip in for Husband soon.


Tanya Ott said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! We used to have a family membership (christmas present from my parents), but alas we didn't use it as much as we thought. Of course our kids were much older at the time (probably 8-14 years old).

The girl scouts host an annual sleepover at McWane each January. It's one of our favorite events of the year!

Happy birthday,

Jennifer said...

You should get the grandparents to buy a membership as a birthday/Christmas gift for the kids. Added bonus: no more toys to add to the collection!

Christy Ross said...

JS: we ask EVERY year. They still think ridiculously big/loud toys the kids rarely play with and we end up donating are better than a gift we could use as a family all year. go figure.

bpeterson said...

The pictures of you and JPS is really, really good!

laurensmommy said...

Looks like you all had fun! I really want to take Lauren sometime when we are in town visiting Jason's family.

As for the guy in the backpack...does your husband know about him? :)

I LOVE the light brite! That totally takes me back to my childhood. And I thought you looked very enthusiastic giving the weather report! Please tell me you forecasted spring weather coming my way!!