Thursday, March 10, 2011

Next time You are at the Library of Congress ...

... Check us out!

Back in January, the StoryCorps RV/Airstream/Big Silver Camper was in Birmingham at the Civil Rights Institute. Husband made us an appointment and he was SO excited. I was a little less excited just because I had no idea what we'd talk about for 40 minutes, plus is anything we could ask each other REALLY interesting or important enough to be archived in the Library of Congress? Then I remembered they are also archiving every tweet EVER. So that relieved a little pressure. ;-)

On interview day, I was nervous/anxious/excited/pumped. I had no idea the questions Husband planned on asking me. And we all know he has a habit of being slightly inappropriate. Our facilitator, Marquita, did a great job of explaining the process and her role in it. (She was recording and she'd jump in to ask additional questions or help if there was some lag in the conversation) But what she did that was so amazing was explain the reason StoryCorps travels around (and people come to them) to interview and be interviewed by loved ones. We're telling our story. We're recording and saving the history of us for anyone to hear at the LoC but we also got a cd copy of the interview to share with friends and family. Decades from now our kids, their kids, even THEIR kids can listen to this interview and get some idea of who Husband and I were and some idea of the love that started them all.

It sounds a little cheesy typing it out but she really did a great job of letting us know that what we were doing is very important.

We had 40 minutes to record and it really went so incredibly fast. Husband and I sat across from each other in a very comfortable booth and he "interviewed" me. It was mostly how we met, turning points in our relationship and how my life changed so dramatically as our relationship grew and evolved. He asked questions about how I view my role as mother. And then we were out of time. It happened so fast.

We got our cd and Marquita took our picture to be added to our interview at the Library or Congress. And it was over. We stepped out of the silver camper and headed on our way. History made.

We still haven't listened to the cd yet. Maybe on our date-a-versary since that's coming up. We can listen to our story on the anniversary of the day it started.

It was such a great experience. If you've been a part of StoryCorps or even if you just listen to their segment on NPR on Friday mornings, I urge you to donate.


Lauren said...

I am so jealous of this. StoryCorps always gets me right in the heart. And I am obsessed with both the Library of Congress and NPR.

Megan said...

Very cool!