Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm 30.

That's me. Or how old I am, at least. I had plans to draw a huge sidewalk chalk "30" for this blog post, but the daughter who never gets sick is. So, I settled for a fuchsia "30" on a steno pad while coloring with Son.

Last night Husband made these fabulous Chocolate Olive Oil and Blood Orange Cupcakes. um, wow. that's a long name. That taste really great. Especially if you like oranges and chocolate together. Anyway, here's 10 of the 12. That's right. I had one last night when they were still warm and one this morning for breakfast. The kids iced them. And they loved helping.

After the icing fun was over, Husband gave Son a small bowl of the leftover icing to eat. He takes it to the living room, sits in his little chair and watches Yo Gabba Gabba! The episode about personal hygiene. There's a song about magic shampoo or something of the sort. And my precious little daisy of a child uses his icing as a magic shampoo. seriously.
I wish we got a better picture. He really lathered that pink magic icing shampoo in there good.
Never in my life did I ever think I'd use the phrase, "That's a no-no. Icing is to eat. Not for shampoo. Come on, let's go wash your hair." sigh. It's hard to get mad at well intentioned toddlers who think they are doing the right thing.

p.s. Son has discovered the art of urinating standing up. Which means he's not using the toilet anymore but is back to his little potty. At least he's excited about the potty.

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Miss C said...

Happy (late) birthday!
& blood orange/chocolate cupcake?!? Recipe, please!